Top 13 Best Beaches in India

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India is a country which is world-famous for its tourism. It is famous for its diverse culture and diverse languages and is also known around the world for its diverse landscape. In the north of India, where you will find interesting mountains to mesmerize, the south’s heart is relaxed—having beautiful beaches.

Due to this diversity, foreign tourists are also crazy about India. Every year millions of tourists from every corner of the world come to visit India. If we talk about the beauty of India’s beaches, then there are many such beaches here which are not less than a paradise for tourists in the summer season. Today I will tell you about the best beaches in India, so read this post till the end.

Best beaches in India:

1) Radhanagar beach

best beaches in india

Radhanagar beach is located on Havelock Island, one of the most beautiful islands in Andaman and Nicobar. It is around 40 kilometers from Port Blair city. Radhanagar beach is one of the largest beaches in Asia. According to Times magazine, it is the seventh most beautiful beach in the world.

On this beach, you will see white sand and blue color water. Nowadays, you will get to see a little crowd here, but you will see a little peace when you go inside. Filled with crystal white seawater, cold air, and full of savory views, this sea is the main attraction center for couples. 

Every year thousands of honeymoon lovers visit this beach. It is worth noting that this beach is never crowded for tourism, which is probably why this beach is considered to be the best destination for honeymoon couples. If you are a photographer or interested in beautiful nature, this beach will be a great place for you to spend a vacation. Here you can go to any month of the year, but the month of October to May is considered the best time to visit. 

2) Kashid beach

best beaches in india

Kashid beach is on the northern coastline of Maharashtra. It is located far away from the clean water, white sand, and Mumbai’s crowd from hell. Kashid beach is nothing less than a paradise for the people of Mumbai and Pune. This beach’s quiet atmosphere is its most special thing; this beach is not crowded at all.

People come here to enjoy the natural beauty. This place is special for people who like peace as well as adventure. Here tourists can enjoy many adventure sports like surfing, horse riding, banana ride, parasailing, jetski and also enjoy fishing. Along with this, Kashid beach provides many varieties of seafood for food enthusiasts. Because of its merits, Gradually Kashid beach is becoming popular with locals. Non-Monsoon is the best time to visit this beach.

3) Ganapatipule beach

best beaches in india

This beach is situated in Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra. Ganapatipule beach  is around 380 km from Mumbai and 10 km from Ratnagiri. Here you can ride Paddle boating, jet ski, and water scooter. Ganapati temple is the main attraction place of this beach; more than 100 devotees visit here daily. 

The idol of Ganapati Bappa worshiped in this temple is 400 years old. This temple is situated next to this beach; hence, this beach’s name is Ganapatipule beach. The ancient Cocoon Museum and magic garden are located about 2 kilometers from this beach. You can also visit there. Magic Garden is a great entertainment place for children. 


best beaches in india

Talk about the beaches and the Goa’s name does not happen, it can’t be possible. Goa is called the paradise of beaches. Some of the best beaches in India are located in Goa. There are more than 40 beaches available here. Some beaches are famous for their water sports activities, nightlife, and beautiful resorts, while some are for their calm nature and natural beauty. If you want to know about the best beaches in Goa, then definitely read the article below. 

4) Varkala beach

best beaches in india

Varkala beach is in Kerala. Varkala beach is 60 km from Thiruvananthapuram. People believe that any person who dips in the middle of it gets all their sins washed away; that’s why this beach is also called a sin destroyer beach. 

There is a 2000-year-old Vishnu temple near this beach and also a Shivagiri monastery, which you can roam. Varkala beach is quite calm and less crowded. Varkala beach offers you some water sports like sunbathing, surfing, parasailing and swimming. Here you will also get to see the best sunset. 

5) Rushikonda beach

best beaches in india

Rushikonda beach is located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. This beach is a beautiful beach sitting near the Rushikonda hills. Recently, this beach has got the Blue Flag International Certificate. 

The blue flag certificate is given to those beaches who achieve the international standard in terms of beach cleanliness, clear water, and amenities. A total of 8 beaches in India have received this certificate. Rushikonda is one of them. All types of water sports activities facilities are available on this beach. Here swimming training is also given under expert supervision. 

6) Shivrajpur beach

best beaches in india

Shivrajpur beach is located in Dwarka, Gujarat. This beach also has the Blue Flag Certificate. This beach has recently been developed for tourist spots. At Shivrajpur beach, you can enjoy water sports activities like paragliding, ATV ride, swimming, scuba diving. Apart from this, you can also go for dolphin spotting here. 

This beach is trendy for night camping; if you want to experience camping, there is a better option. Along with staying here, you also get the option of dinner, lunch, and breakfast. For this, you have to book by going to the official site Dwarkesh beach resort and water sports. Dwarka Dham is located just 10 km from this beach.

7) Dhanushkodi beach 

best beaches in india

Dhanushkodi beach is located about 20 kilometers from Rameshwaram Dham, Tamil Nadu. There is not only one beach here but two seaside Mahasangam (Union). The Indian Ocean on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other. Dhanushkodi beach is at the confluence of these two. 

And this is where Ram Sethu is located, so the religious importance of this place also increases a lot. This place is also called the last land of India. Sri Lanka is just 20 kilometers from here. Every year millions of people visit this holy place. Friends, let me tell you that nobody is allowed here after 6 pm, so that you will not see any hotel here. You have to go to Rameswaram for the hotel.

8) Tarkarli beach

best beaches in india

Tarkarli beach is in Malvan taluka in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. This beach is 10 kilometers from Malvan and 550 kilometers from Mumbai. It is famous for the Ramnavami festival. India’s first scuba diving center is situated on this sea coast. Due to the crystal clear water, Tarkarli beach is perfect for swimming. On this beach, you can enjoy scuba diving, boating, and white water rafting. 

9) Samudra beach

best beaches in india

Samundra beach is in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This beach is at a walkable distance from the famous Kovalam beach. This beach is less crowded than Kovalam beach. Being surrounded by luxurious hotels, this beach looks like a private beach. One of these hotels is Uday Samudra Hotel, which also got the award for Asia’s best beach hotel in 2010. There is no facility for water sports activities on this beach; for this, you will have to go to Kovalam beach.

10) Kavaratti beach

best beaches in india

Kavaratti beach is in Lakshadweep. Like Andaman and Nicobar islands, there is a beautiful island in our country named Lakshadweep. Lakshadweep is a Sanskrit word; it means millions of deep. Kavaratti beach is a gorgeous beach. Here you will get the facility of all kinds of water sports activities. There is a lighthouse near this beach, from which you can see the beautiful nature of Kavaratti island. Here you can also see sea creatures from an underwater glass boat 

11) Lighthouse beach

best beaches in india

Lighthouse beach is in Kovalam, Kerala. Next to this beach is a 35-meter long lighthouse of white and red color, that’s why this beach is called Light House Beach. By climbing this lighthouse, the tourist sees the beautiful view of this beach. You will get to play water sports like swimming, surfing, parasailing, and paragliding on this beach. Around this beach, there are famous beaches like Hawa beach or Samudra beach.

12) Gokarna beach

best beaches in india

Gokarna beach is located near the Gokarna Village in Karnataka. Like Goa, Gokarna village in Karnataka is also famous for its beaches. There are a total of 6 beaches in Gokarna. Here you will find all types of water sports activities, of which scuba diving and kneeboarding are most famous. Here you also get beach camping along with a hotel. 

13) Marari beach

best beaches in india

Marari beach is situated in Kerala. Here you will see palm trees and golden sand. Marari beach is quite famous for its natural beauty, delicious food, and boathouse. Every year, millions of people come to Kerala to visit Marari beach. The view of the sunset on this beach looks stunning. The month of December to March is considered to be a good time to visit this beach.

These are the best beaches in India. If you liked my post then help others by sharing it on social media. If you already visited anyone of these beaches, do mention your experiences in the comment section below.

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