Why Baga beach is most popular Seacoast in Goa

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Goa is a small state in Western India. Goa is also called the state of the beaches. More than 40 beaches are present in Goa. Out of all those beaches, Baga beach name comes at the top.

Not only from India but also from outside India, many people come to Goa to visit Baga. Apart from enjoying the beach here, you can do many more things.

Today I will give you complete information about Baga Beach Goa through this post, so read it until the end.

About Baga beach

baga beach

Baga is the most popular and famous tourist destination place in North Goa. It is located near Calangute beach and around 19 Km from Panjim. It is Standing on the bank of the Arabian Sea.

The Baga river encircles Baga town, and spotting the place where the river and the sea meet is a beautiful view to lure your eyes. Dolphins can also spot deeper in this seashore. 

Baga coast is the busiest beach among all the beaches in Goa. The main attraction on this beach is water sports, including parasailing, jet ski, banana riding, etc. Besides, it is well known for its fantastic nightlife.

The Tito’s Lane – home to the scandalous Club Tito and Cafe Mambo are generally frequented. The throbbing DJ evenings and pouring mixed drinks get in travelers from in and around Goa to these parlors. 

Baga is so named after the ‘Baga creek,’ which streams into the Arabian Sea. Baga beach is also famous for its designer stores, roadside markets, tattoo parlors, sun decks, spas, and beautiful cottages. 

If you are a yoga lover, then you can start your mornings with beach yoga. Baga has something for every type of traveler.  

How to Reach Baga Beach   

baga beach

From Panaji airport: The distance between Baga and Panjim airport is around 15km. All types of transportation services are available. You can hire a cycle, motorbike, taxi, and bus. 

According to my suggestion, a taxi is a better option because it takes half an hour. If you are single, then better take a motorbike. But don’t catch the bus because it takes almost two hours. 

From Goa International Airport: The distance between Goa International Airport and Baga is around 20km. The best way to get from Goa international Airport to Baga is by taxi, which takes 40 to 50 minutes and costs around 1000 INR to 1500 INR. 

Best time to visit Baga Beach 

baga beach

You can visit at any time of the year except monsoon months. Due to heavy rainfalls in Monsoon you can’t visit your favorite places. The best time to visit this beach is between October to March. The temperature rarely surpasses 35 degrees during the day or drop below 25 degrees at night.  

Must-Visit Places Near Baga Coast

baga beach

1) Our Lady of Piety: 

It is also known as ‘The Church of Our Lady of Compassion.’ The outside and the inside of the Church are cut with delightful blossoms and motifs. The Church is white in color and looks eminent.

  • Location: Piedade, Divar island
  • Timings: 9 A.M – 12 P.M and 4 P.M – 7 P.M on all days. 

2) Chapora Fort: 

It rises high over the Chapora river. It is a renowned historical place. This fort is made by Muslim Prince Adil Shah. It has now become the most popular tourist place. Chapora river is situated in its north, Vagator beach in its south, and the Arabian sea in its west. Which makes this place pleasant.   

  • Location: Bardez

3) Aguada Fort:

Like Chapora Fort, Aguada Fort is also a famous historical place built by the Portuguese in the 17th century. It is located near Sinquerim Beach and displays a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea. 

4) Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary:

It is located on the bank of the Mandovi river, Chorao. The best time to visit this place is early morning when you can look at some birds. Various kinds of mangrove trees are there, and even multiple types of water and uncommon species are there, making this place even better.  

5) Calangute Beach:

The Distance between Baga and Calangute Beach is around 8 Km. Calangute is one of the gorgeous beaches in Goa. The beach offers a lot of water sports activities. There are a lot of beautiful cottages available near this beach. 

6) Anjuna Beach: 

The Distance between Baga and Anjuna Beach is around 6.9 Km. Early morning and late evening are the best time to visit this beach. 

If you are a party lover, then this beach is for you. This beach is less crowded as compared to Baga Beach. Here the Beach cottages are lovely and also the market and water sports costs are less than Baga and Calangute Beach. 

Water Sports in Baga Beach 

baga beach

1) Banana Riding: 

This boat looks like a Banana and is connected to a speed boat, which pulls it with water at high speeds. The banana boat can adapt to up to 10 people. 

  • Duration/Timing: 3 minutes
  • Cost: 349 rupees per person.

2) Jet Ski:

Like Anjuna, Calangute, Candolim, Colva, and Aguada, Baga coast also offers you the Jet Ski experience. People also called him a Water scooter. It is one of the most popular water sport activities in Goa. If you visit Goa, then you must try this. 

  • Duration/Timing: 1-2 minutes
  • Cost:349 rupees per person.   

3) Bumper Ride: 

In this fun ride, you will sit in a large air-filled tube made of a rubber boat connected to a speed boat. 

  • Duration/Timing: 45 minutes 
  • Cost: 600 rupees per person.  

4) Parasailing: 

It is the most entertaining water activities in Goa. It includes one parachute and a one-speed boat that is connected to the parachute. 

  • Duration/Timing:15 minutes
  • Cost: 400 rupees per person. 

5)Kayaking Tour: 

Kayaking is the most relaxing water activity, which makes your mind and body free. It has some blown outlook to offer to visitors.

  • Duration/Timing: 60 minutes
  • Cost: 400-600 rupees per person. 

6) Paddleboarding: 

It looks like a surfboard where you use your arm while kneeling, lying, or standing on it. It is not as popular as other water sports activities. 

7) Kneeboarding: 

It has a customized slot to keep your knees up for better stability. It is tough to water sport activity, but you need not worry about it because proficient trainers guided you. Price is between 1500 to 1800 rupees. 

8) Wakeboarding: 

It is very similar to kneeboarding, but the only difference between these two is, wakeboarding is easy to balance. 

  • Duration/Timing:15 minutes 
  • Cost: 1700 – 1800rupees per person. 

9) Speed boat Ride:

It is also a viral water sports activity. It is effortless and easy. You can be surrounded by waves so tightly hold the boat. 

  • Duration/Timing: 20 minutes 
  • Cost: 400 rupees per person. 

Safety Tips for Water Sports 

baga beach
  • If you are going into the water, you should know how to swim. 
  • Even if you know how to swim, still wear a life jacket. 
  • Before going into the water, adhere to the safety precautions. 
  • Also, check the conditions of the sea. 
  • Don’t go alone; always go with family or any partner. 

Night Club in Baga


Goa is also famous for its nightlife. North Goa beaches are mostly famous for their nightlife. In Baga, you will see plenty of night clubs. There you can enjoy dance, listen to DJs – EDM music, delicious plates of seafood, quality drinks. I am telling you the name of the two best night clubs in Baga.

  • Tito’s Club: It is one of the oldest and most favorite night clubs in Goa. It is located near Baga Beach. A wide range of music is performed with matching drinks and yummy seafood.
  • Cafe Mambo: It is situated near Tito’s Club. It is always crowded. Here most of the crowds are from Abroad. This club provides an extensive list of foods and liquids.

Top 10 Best Restaurants Near Baga Coast

baga beach
  • Lucky star Beach Shack: It is located down to Tito’s lane, Sauntavaddo. The best place to hang out near Baga . The cost of the items is a little expensive, but it can be affordable. The food quality and the staff are excellent.  
  • Cliff’s Beach Shack: It is located near the Retreat house across the hill. A very fantastic place where you can chill out and spend a relaxing day with a beautiful experience and helpful staff, great food, and drink. 
  • Sam’s Beach Shack: It is located near Tito’s lane, Sauntavaddo.It is an excellent shack situated on Baga Beach, spacious and clean, having multi-cuisine food and beverages. 
  • Fiesta Restaurant: It is located in Sauntavaddo opposite club Tito’s Calangute. If you love Italian and European food, then this restaurant is best for you. Also, the pizza in this restaurant is delicious.  
  • Tito Courtyard: It is located in Calangute, Baga. It comes with the brand Tito. Among all the restaurants in Baga, Tito is No1. This restaurant is always packed with people. The food is quite expensive, but the food quality is good. If you go to this restaurant, try their Biriyani. 
  • Zanzibar Shack: It is located in Baga. It is a great little beach shack. The beach beds are free. If you are a nature lover, this shack is for you—a nice place to hang out on the Beach after Sunset. 
  • Café Oceanic: It is located in Baga coast. This restaurant is especially for foreigners—excellent service with good quality food at a reasonable price. 
  • Get High: It is situated opposite Tito’s. If you are a dance lover and want a quality drink, this place is for you. The fabulous DJ lights and makes this place unique. 
  • Shining Star Beach Shack: The staff is incredible, and the food is superb at a reasonable price. 
  • Patio 23: It’s a pure European restaurant. It is right on the busy street on Baga. The food and service are fantastic.   

Best Resorts near Baga  

baga beach
  • Baga Fantasia Beach Inn: It is less than a minute’s walk from Baga Beach. The property is neat and clean. All the room services, food services, and other services are outstanding. (3000-3500 rupees per person)  
  • The Baga Beach Resort: Situated across the road from Baga Beach. It has its dock and private beach, where you may rent a boat for island and sunset viewing and swimming. The staff is accommodating and courteous. The rooms are cozy. (8000-10000 rupees per person) 
  • WTF My House: It is located near Calangute-Baga road, Santa Vadoo. The rooms are delightfully furnished with bright LED lights. All the services are excellent at a reasonable price range. (1800-2000 rupees per person) 
  • Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort: Located in between Calangute and Baga road. Beautiful place, superior service, rooms are perfect but not beach facing. You will have to walk 100 meters to reach the beach. (4700-5000 rupees per person) 
  • Sinon Baga Retreat: It is located near Tito’s Lane. It is one of the most lovely hotels in Baga. All the services are excellent. You can directly go to the shore from the hotel. (3800-5000 rupees per person) 

Markets Near Baga Coast 

baga beach
  • Tibetan Market Baga Road: It is one of the crowded markets in Goa. The crafts are of excellent quality at a reasonable price and it is also affordable for foreigners. You can bargain for a lower price. 
  • Baga Central Shop: Your trip won’t be completed without this market. Don’t give the exact amount. Try to bargain. You can get various types of clothes from this market at a low price. 
  • Arpora Saturday Night Market: It is located in Calangute – Baga road. You can quickly get Goa’s local stuff and enjoy live performances and DJ lights. You can enjoy the right foods and beverages. 

What to wear in Baga Beach?

Dresses for Women: 

baga beach
  • Bikinis 
  • Sarongs 
  • Cotton Shorts 
  • Spaghettis 
  • Loose-fitting Trousers 
  • Sundresses 
  • Long skirts 
  • Cover up dresses 
  • Straw Hats 
  • Scarves 
  • Flip Flops 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Tote Bags 

Dresses for Men: 

baga beach
  • Tanks 
  • Linen Shirts 
  • Shorts  
  • Chinos 
  • Cotton espadrilles 
  • Fedora Hats 
  • Tote bags 

What Not to Wear in Baga Beach? 

  • Jeans 
  • Synthetic fabrics 
  • Heels/Closed footwear 
  • Expensive Jewellery 
  • Hairdryer 

Reasons to Visit Baga 

  • Architecture and culture
  • Good quality various of seafood and liquids
  • Beaches for days
  • Sun-Soaked Relaxation
  • Various types of water sports
  • Night clubs

If you like my article on Baga Beach Goa, please share it on Social media. If you have any suggestions or queries on Baga Beach in Goa, let us know in the comments below. 

If you have already visited Baga beach, do mention your experiences in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baga Coast:

Q: What is Baga beach famous for?

A: Baga is famous for its incredible nightlife, kinds of seafood, drinks, lovely shacks, resorts, variety of water sports activities, and sun-basking.

Q: Which beach is better in Gao?

A: More than 40 beaches are present in Goa; out of these 40 beaches, choosing any one beach name is tough. Here is our selected list of Goa’s best beaches: Baga, Anjuna, Calangute, Palolem, Agenda, Vagator, Butterfly, Colva, Sinquerim, and Cavelossim.

Q: Which is the longest Beach in Goa?

A: Calangute beach is the longest beach in Goa, which is almost 15km long.

Q: What are the best hotels near Baga beach?

A: De Baga Deck Comforts, Amara grand Baga, Colonia Santa Maria, Samundar beach pass, Hotel Bonanza.

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